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Tamar Braxton not only looks just like her sister, Toni Braxton — she sounds like her, too. The ‘Braxton Family Values’ star just did a pitch-perfect impression of Toni’s singing style on Instagram, and their fans are mesmerized.

Usually, when siblings do impressions of each other it’s less than flattering. Not the case with Tamar Braxton, who poked a little fun at big sister Toni Braxton‘s singing style — and totally nailed it. Tamar proved that she’s got just as incredible a voice as the “Un-Break My Heart” singer, and can do her “Braxton mumble,” as one fan put it on Instagram. Tamar posted the brief clip (you can listen below) on March 25, which started with her asking fans if she sounded like Toni. She captioned it, “I actually don’t… but I kinda sound like her tho😩😩😂😂😂.” Her followers couldn’t agree more! 

Literally every comment on her Instagram video is about how pitch-perfect her impression is. “How u sangggingggg and whispering??? U just gon have all the talents??? Humming too 😩❤️,” one astounded fan wrote in the comments. “Sounds exactly like her…..I’ve always loved Toni’s voice because her sound is so unique and different💯,” another commented. And one fan chimed in with, “I’m like the nun on Sister Act II, ‘Please, don’t stop.’ 😂 Sang Tamar!!!”

Tamar’s famous friends were dying over the impression, too. “All the Way Up” rapper Remy Ma commented, “Welp I just watched this 8 times in a row- my new favorite clip to watch 😍.” Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes simply commented, “Beauty.” And Bad Girls Club‘s Tanisha Thomas couldn’t express how much she loved it. The ball’s in Toni’s court now to do a Tamar impression!

Someone who isn’t a Tamar fan, though? Lindsay Lohan. The Lindsay Lohan Beach Club star went on a Twitter rant after Tamar did Celebrity Big Brother with mom Dina Lohan — and won. Lindsay called Tamar “deceptive and conniving” and accused her of bringing down the other women in the house (like Dina) in order to win. Guess there won’t be any light-hearted Lindsay impressions in the future?

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