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SLIIIIIIME! DJ Khaled was drenched with slim at the Kids’ Choice Awards & it was epic!

DJ Khaled was full-on SLIMED at the end of the Kids’ Choice Awards, and it seems like he … loved it! After his hosting gig was complete and the “No Brainer” singer signed off, he was drenched in Nickelodeon’s iconic green slime. After Khaled was blasted while rocking a fun Hawaiian shirt, he let the audience get a taste of the slime, too! Such a fun night! Other stars, like Chris Pratt, David Dobrik and Will Smith, were also slimed during tonight’s Kids’ Choice Awards.

DJ Khaled opened up to Entertainment Tonight about why he chose to host the Kids’ Choice Awards and it’s so sweet! “The reason why I wanted to be the host of the Kids’ Choice Awards is because I’m a father,” he said, adding that he’s been to the awards show before with his 2-year-old son, Asahd, and loved it. “Now, I’m going to be able to host and my son can see me host and be like, ‘My daddy’s hosting [the] Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.’ And not just that, I’m about the young world, the future, the kids. Anything that makes the kids happy, that’s what I’m about.” Love that!

He continued, “I make my son happy every single day, even if I’m on the road, I facetime him 100 times, I just wanna make sure he’s happy and he’s smiling.” We’re sure Asahd was smiling when his dad was slimed, too! While we weren’t sure if DJ Khaled was going to be slimed, he did tease the possibility to the outlet. “Shhh, top secret. Everything is top secret. You have to watch the show… It’s gonna be the biggest Kids’ Choice Awards ever. It’s gonna be hard, very hard, I’m going to set the bar high, for host. Whoever is hosting after this, I’m sure they’re gonna do a great job, and I’m gonna take nothing away from them, but the bar’s gonna be set high, because I’m coming!” Woo!

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