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Bear Hands ft. Ursula Rose: “Blue Lips”

“Blue Lips” is a sleazy groove with a bridge you can’t get out of your head. “Cry, cry, cry, cry, cry, cry,” singer Dylan Rau croons, and you’re immediately hooked. I’m constantly on the lookout for tunes with unique hooks, and “Blue Lips” delivers them in droves, from the verses tinged with staid cigarette smoke to the slinky strip club beat near the end of the song.

But the real highlights are the spoken interludes by Ursula Rose: “I don’t see how you think you can come to me and bitch to me/ Lay out your problems like ancient history / Like I ain’t got no other shit to do / I love you baby / But my lips are turnin’ blue.”

It’s so sassy, so indifferent. So raw. It’s not even particularly melodical, and yet I make sure I sing every word correctly when I hear this part come up. It feels like strutting down your own personal runway and giving someone you can’t stand the kiss-off – or perhaps even someone you once loved who’s taken you for granted for far too long.

“Someone check the kids, make sure they are still alive,” cautions Rau. More like check my pulse, because it stops every time I hear this song. —Brittany Vincent

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