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Sometimes the outfits are New York Fashion Week are a little more eccentric than we’re used to! See hilarious memes of the wildest outfits inside.

New York Fashion Week is in full swing at this point, and even though not everyone gets to attend the week-long spectacle, fans online were having a fun time recreating memes of the wildest outfits! Japanese designer Tomo Koizumi, who was found on Instagram weeks prior to NYFW, wowed with his debut show on Feb. 8, using models like Bella Hadid, 22, Emily Ratajkowski, 27, and Joan Smalls, 30, to show off his creations. However, onlookers took notice more of the dresses than the models themselves!

Tomo’s designs were poofy and large, kind of resembling loofahs – you know, what you use in the shower to clean yourself. The loofah-like tulle dresses were colorful and fun, and fans had a great time creating memes of the looks from the night.

One fan poked fun at the loofah-like appearance of the dresses. “When all your friends come over and drop hints that you need a bath,” the user said, posing a picture of the models from Tomo’s show in the fun dresses.

Another person said, “Welcome to the ridiculous, but awesome, category.” We agree! The dresses were definitely different than your usual fashion week runway look, but we love the collection’s eye-catching appearance. Is it something we’d wear on the regular? Maybe not, but doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate it!

We hope there are more different looks like this in the future! It’s nice when there’s a change of pace, especially in the fashion world. We guess we’ll definitely have to keep an eye out on Tomo’s designs in the future. If his first show was any indication, he’s definitely a designer to watch!

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