David Harbour Doesn’t Know If His Hellboy Is A Good Person

It’s also interesting that David Harbour said that his version of Hellboy is younger. In the original Hellboy comics and the 2004 Hellboy movie, Hellboy was summoned to Earth by Rasputin (yes, that Rasputin) towards the end of World War II, and Professor Trevor Bruttenholm took in the infant demon and raised him as a son. Judging by a quick shot in the trailer, it looks like the Rasputin summoning will remain intact in the Hellboy reboot, but if this Harbour’s Hellboy is younger, that suggests this event won’t occur during World War II. After all, Ian McShane, who’s playing Bruttenholm in the reboot, was born in 1942, so assuming Bruttenholm is around the same age, that means he wouldn’t have been active during World War II. I wonder if Hellboy will now be brought to Earth several decades later, thus accounting for why he hasn’t been on Earth as long.

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