Ariana Grande and Lisa Kudrow “7 Rings” Video

I never thought Lisa Kudrow would make an appearance in an Ariana Grande video, but this fan’s mashup is too good not to share. The catchy lyrics “I want it, I got it” from Grande’s “7 Rings” song on her new Thank U, Next album happen to pair perfectly with a clip from The Comeback, a former HBO comedy Kudrow starred in. The Comeback was a beloved series that followed Valerie Cherish, a former B-list sitcom actress who’s itching to get back in the spotlight and agrees to chronicle her return to television after landing a new role. The show was revived for a second and final season in 2014 years after its 2005 cancellation, and any fan of the satirical series will appreciate this absurd and hilarious video idea.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson shared the video, which was originally made by YouTuber David Levitz. In it, we see Grande in her sexy pink outfits from the “7 Rings” video spliced with footage of Kudrow’s character shouting “I got it!” from the pilot episode. It’s pretty freakin’ genius, and I personally can’t stop laughing. Check out the mashup ahead, and then watch each of the full videos for more context.

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