A Celine Dion Biopic Is in the Works!

There’s a Celine Dion biopic coming!

The upcoming English-language film, by Quebec director Marc-Andre Lavoie, will be called Cèline Before Celine according to The Hollywood Reporter on Friday (February 22).

The movie will “follow the iconic singer’s family upbringing before global stardom and life with future husband and manager Rene Angelil,” and is set to be produced in 2020.

Celine‘s nephew Jimmy Dion, the son of her brother Jacques, will work as a screenwriter. The movie has the support of her family.

“In my entire career, I’ve never met someone as kind, warm and authentic as Celine, and we’ll be forever grateful that she believes so strongly in our team to tell the real story has it’s never been told before,” the director said.

There is also a second Celine biopic called The Power of Love scheduled for 2020.

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