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Ariel Winter showed that she’s confident in her own skin! See the natural photos of the ‘Modern Family’ actress inside!

We love a body positive queen! Modern Family actress Ariel Winter, 21, had a completely unretouched photo shoot for the Winter 2019 Pulse Spikes magazine, and the resulting photos were absolutely stunning. In the magazine interview, Ariel revealed what it was like to participate in a shoot knowing her face and body would remain as is, and how she came to her current point in her body image journey.

“It was definitely more of a difficult process for me [the photo shoot], not because I have to be in makeup daily, I don’t, I’m not looking red carpet standard all the time,” Ariel said in the interview. “It is just something you think about like, ‘Oh well I am going to be photographed in this setting. Oh no, what if I look weird? I got a pimple today!’ But it was nice to be able to do that.”

The young actress also discussed what it was like to contend with gossipy high schoolers and online criticism while she was grew up as a teenager. She revealed that she cared what people thought of her, but then had a realization. “Nobody was ever going to be happy with the way I looked,” she said. “So I realized that it didn’t matter… the only person that matters is me, because I am the only one who has to live with me. These people don’t know me; they know what they see on the internet.” Ariel, in the past few years, has shown that she’s confident in who she is, and is absolutely unafraid to share that with the world. Her confidence is inspiring!

Thus, when Ariel came to that pivotal point in regards to self image – she figured out that what makes everyone different is beautiful – she accepted all kinds of beauty. “There is nothing better than looking like yourself and being unique,” she said. “Nobody wants the same; the same is boring. We all have our different strengths, and so much makes up a person. Our features are not the only things that matter in life,” Ariel said.

We completely agree and commend Ariel for speaking up about these issues!

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