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Everyone took notice of Stalking Gia thanks to her viral hit ‘Second Nature,’ & her collab with blackbear. Now, she’s back with another! Catch the EXCLUSIVE premiere of her ‘PTSD’ video here!

The concrete jungle of New York City has always been home for alt-pop artist Stalking Gia, and it continues to inspire the singer’s music. The budding star is no stranger to the city’s chaos, and like all it’s inhabitants, knows a thing or two about the ‘PTSD’ that can come from every day life. Following the viral success of blackbear’s Wish U The Best,” which sampled her own viral hit Second Nature,” the singer is keeping her momentum going. Her striking video for “PTSD” has arrived and HollywoodLife has the EXCLUSIVE premiere!

Gia gave HL got all the details behind the brand new clip, and revealed exactly why she wanted the video to feel a little gritty. “Making art doesn’t have to be expensive. I feel like in this case I used my location (my hometown of NYC) and got my point across without a tremendous strain on the budget,” she said, of making the video. “I added my own personal touch with wearing the t-shirt “Italians Do It Better” referencing my Italian roots and Madonna’s early days as an artist,” she added.

The video carries an important message, one that Gia and her bandmates are hoping will resonate with fans. “The video shows the stress PTSD can have on your everyday life and how the smallest tasks can become difficult to follow through on,” says Gia. “Recovery is something you go through alone regardless of a support system. I wanted to showcase the rawness and vulnerability that accompanies a person during that time.”

Her bandmate, Joao, shared an insightful message about the track as well, and blames PTSD on the never-ending influx of information we all face on a daily basis. “I think in 30 years, people will look back at the 2010’s as the death of traditional innocence. Kids and adults live the same experience. We’re all exposed to everything every day and it absolutely HAS to have a deep psychologic effect on our generations. It just has to,” he said.

Be sure to watch Stalking Gia’s new music video above! The blackbear protegée is now signed to his record label, and is definitely one to keep eyes on!

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