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Chrissy Teigen may have just worn her sexiest swimsuit yet! Watch the video from her vacation to see the suit that flaunts her beautiful body perfectly.

Normally we focus here on how damn funny Chrissy Teigen is, but today she spiced up her hilarity with a little sex appeal. The beautiful Cravings author slash model slash Lip Synch Battle host slipped into a sexy one-piece swimsuit while on a tropical vacation with her friends, and it left little to the imagination. Chrissy’s bathing suit, captured on Instagram, is a sleek, black number that features some major side boob. Like, a lot of it. She looks amazing!

That really wasn’t the focus of her Instagram post, though. It was a hilarious video showing the work it took behind the scenes to capture an epic photo she posted the day before. The photo showed her and her friends, Meghan Mackenzie and Jen Atkin, all lounging on top of a unicorn pool float together in the ocean. It was taken by Jen’s husband, photographer Mike Rosenthal. It still takes a lot of work to get the perfect shot, though. Chrissy’s video, which you can watch below, shows her and her friends attempting to climb on top of the unicorn floatie without toppling over. Chrissy’s desperately hanging onto the dock to keep everyone upright.

This wasn’t Chrissy’s idea, apparently. She captioned the original pic, “@jenatkinhair produces all these vacation shoots and all I do is complain, whine and moan. In the end I am always thankful we have her and @mrmikerosenthal to capture these memories forever. Thank you for putting up with me!!! I love you guys”. Aww!

Chrissy has a second personal photographer along with her on vacation: John Legend! Someone captured footage of John snapping pics of Chrissy (looking beautiful), that showed up later on her Instagram feed. Best husband ever? Best husband ever.

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