Sam Smith And Normani’s Tinder Profiles Are A Mess In ‘Dancing With A Stranger’ Vid

By Trey Alston

If Sam Smith and Normani’s new video for “Dancing with a Stranger” is any indicator, the future of Tinder is just around the corner.

In the beautifully pristine visual for the recently released single, the funky tune is paired with virtual reality left-and-right swiping to find dates. Smith sits on his couch, looking rather glum, while looking for a suitable date for the evening. As he looks, afterimages of his inquiries zoom around him while he stares forward. His lyrics reflect his downtrodden demeanor: “I’m still thinking about the things you do / So I don’t want to be home tonight.”

Normani also is searching for a date, but her search comes with an impromptu dance number. She moves gracefully around a barren room, while virtual representations of her possible partners move all around her. It’s an eerie image, almost like ghostly specters looking for a human host.

After both verses play, their suitors dance freely in an enclosed space with the two artists around. “I wasn’t even going out tonight / But boy, I need to get you off my mind tonight,” she sings sorrowfully.

Hopefully this is the first of many collaborations between the two. You can watch the full video via Apple Music.

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