Lil Baby Shows You Exactly What He Does Every Day In ‘Global’ Video

By Trey Alston

Lil Baby is one of the biggest stars in rap right now. In 2018 he became a household name thanks to key collaborations with Drake (“Yes Indeed”), Gunna (“Drip Too Hard”), and City Girls (“Season”). On Thursday (January 31), he released a video for “Global” that shows the level of success that comes with making it to this level.

Lil Baby’s latest visual is made up of performance footage, stunning foreign locales, and mesmerized fans. The rapper keeps it simple while showing off what kinds of things he does when he’s not in the booth. At one point, he shows that he’s in the Bahamas; another moment, he’s deep into a performance onstage.

Pretty soon, Lil Baby will have more tour clips to include in future music videos. Yesterday, the rapper announced that he’s heading on tour with City Girls and Blueface for the New Generations Tour. It kicks off in March in Houston and wraps up in Atlanta in April.

“Global” appeared on last year’s Street Gossip EP. The project was one of three that he released last year, along with Harder Than Ever and Drip Harder with Gunna. Check out the world-trekking video for “Global” below.

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