Cub Sport Falls In Love All Over Again In New ‘Party Pill’ Music Video

If you haven’t already heard the love story of Cub Sport’s Tim Nelson and Sam “Bolan” Netterfield, an exclusive first look at their brand new music video for “Party Pill” should drop some hints.

Tim and Sam, the band’s lead vocalist and keyboardist, respectively, barely go a frame together without embracing as the song’s lyrics narrate the couple’s journey from catching feels to a lifelong romance. The two got married in August 2018 after falling in love while writing Cub Sport’s 2017 album, BATS.

“Bolan and I first fell in love when we were 17 but I was super scared of what would happen if I came out and decided it’d be better for us to just be friends,” Tim said in a statement about the “Party Pill” music video. “This part of our story had been weighing on my heart for a long time and I’d held onto a lot of shame and embarrassment, but I realized last year that I needed to let go.”

Tim, Sam and the rest of the Cub Sport crew – lead guitarist and bassist Zoe Davis and drummer Dan Puusaari – channeled that experience into Cub Sport, the self-titled album the band is set to release on January 18. After teaming up with the Dolan Twins for their final music video of the BATS era, Cub Sport has already teased fans with songs “Sometimes” and “Summer Lover” off the new album.

“I finally turned the pain of those years into something beautiful and it feels like I’m setting myself free,” Tim said about how “Party Pill” captures the Cub Sport love story. “Love is stronger than fear. When you live in love, there’s a lightness that follows.”

Get an exclusive first look at Cub Sport’s “Party Pill” music video below!

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