Stan Lee Was Given A Private Funeral

This week, Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee passed away at 95, sending comic book fans, industry professionals, and Lee’s loved ones into a state of shared mourning. Lee not only had a huge impact on the comic book and entertainment industry, but also on the lives of those who loved the characters he co-created. A private funeral has already been held for Lee, but fans will have other opportunities to memorialize him down the road.

According to CBS News, a small, private funeral has taken place to mourn Stan Lee. The comic book mogul never wanted a large public funeral, according to a statement from Lee’s company POW! Entertainment. His family honored his final wishes and sent him off in a closed ceremony. There likely would have been a large turn out from fans had the funeral been public, but Lee’s company is working on other methods to memorialize the pop culture icon.

POW! Entertainment has set up a memorial wall on Stan Lee’s website, where anyone can share thoughts, stories, and pay tribute to Lee. Messages from fellow creators and artists will also be posted to Lee’s social media accounts over the coming days.

More memorial plans are in the works with details coming shortly. POW! Entertainment notes that Lee’s grandeur makes this a “monumental task.”

Plenty of industry professionals from Hollywood and comic books have shared their own personal stories of Lee since his passing. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige issued a statement soon after Lee’s death, and Sam Raimi shared his experience working with Lee on his Spider-Man films. Marvel Entertainment posted their tribute to Stan the Man, in addition to The Avengers actors and The Gifted sending their own thanks.

Fans have not wasted time honoring Lee. There are hundreds of tributes honoring Lee and his work, be it messages on social media or fanart. The co-creator of characters like Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, The Fantastic Four, and Iron Man had a big presence in pop culture, so fans aren’t shy about sharing their favorite Lee stories or classic cameos from the Marvel movies. (Though, not everyone is doing so positively).

The 95-year-old Lee was declared dead on Monday after being rushed to a Los Angeles hospital. No cause of death has been given, but Lee suffered from multiple health problems over the last year, such as pneumonia and vision issues. His wife of 69 years, Joan, passed away on July 6, 2017.

It’s sad that the final year of Stan Lee’s life was so tumultuous (he was in the center of an elder abuse scandal), but he had a legion of fans always willing to show support and send him good wishes. Lee will be missed greatly, and fans will no doubt turn out in spades to memorialize him over the coming weeks.

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