Just A Quick Update On Jack Nicholson’s Very Good Looking Son

Ding Dong. Hello, it’s me and I just wanted to give you a quick update on Jack Nicholson’s son.

The one with the jawline that looks like it was carved by Michelangelo himself.

The one that can smolder better than any dying fire pit you’ve ever seen.

The one that looks like his famous paw paw…

Roy Jones / Getty Images, Jiru / BACKGRID

…except has more hair and it’s very nice hair.

And he’s also the one that CAN LEVITATE BASKETBALLS.

Yeah, he’s doing that and his dad can’t believe it! Heck, I can barely believe it!

So yeah, that has been your update on this guy. Good ol’ Ray Nicholson, a handsome guy who doesn’t forget to hydrate.

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