Gwyneth Paltrow’s Best Beauty Secrets

Gwyneth Paltrow is spilling her strategy for feeling beautiful on the inside and out – telling PEOPLE exclusively that her holistic approach spans from diet to intercourse.

“I really believe in sweating. Get the blood going, hydrate, sleep, eat food that’s full of rich nutrients, be around people that you love and make you laugh, have sex! It’s a whole thing,” says the 46-year old style icon.

The newlywed, mother of two and GOOP creator admits it’s difficult to carve out me-time every week – but she never compromises on exercise and nutrition.

“I have a teen [Apple, 14] and a preteen [Moses, 12], and I’m running a company, so it’s hard, but I won’t sacrifice moving my body. I process through emotional stuff by doing that.”

She adds, “After I drop off the kids, I exercise. I’ll go for a hike, I’ll take a yoga class, I’ll go to Tracy Anderson. That’s really critical for me.”

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Another daily essential – supplements.

Paltrow, who launched GOOP vitamin packs in 2017 and a drinkable antioxidant powder – GoopGlow – earlier this year, is expanding her wellness offerings with GoopGenes, a ingestible collagen.

According to Dr. Susan Beck, SVP of science & research at GOOP, collagen is often described as “the body’s scaffolding.” She explains, “It’s a type of protein that provides cushioning to different areas of the body, such as the skin. Collagen in the skin declines with age and environmental factors such as UV radiation and pollution, but there have been there have been studies in the last few years that show consuming collagen in the form of a dietary supplement has a positive effect on skin.”

GOOP claims the vanilla-flavored powder, made with marine collagen (specifically wild-caught pollock), will help improve the appearance of your skin when consumed daily.

Paltrow, who puts a packet in her smoothie every morning, says the flavor was created as a result of her love of vanilla icing. “I have a bit of a weakness for [it], so when I tasted this, I was like, ‘Oh, this is good!’ Then I was like, ‘Is this so yummy that it’s not GOOP-y? Too much birthday cake? And then I was like, awh, f—k it – it tastes really good.”

The star, who recently revealed that she’s in perimenopause, says this daily routine is her secret to bouncing back from environmental factors.

“When I fly, when I’m sick, if I’m dehydrated, if I have had too much alcohol the night before, I can really see it on my face in a way that I didn’t 20 years ago,” she says, continuing, “I really believe that lifestyle elements affect your energy and well-being, so I was really interested in creating a regimen that’s internal and external.”

And in 2019, Paltrow plans to add even more skin care that addresses ageing skin.

“ I need the [upcoming] moisturizing, wrinkle cream! But we’re also working on products for oily skin. We want all women to find something in GOOP that really works for them and is the best thing on the market.”

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