Candice Huffine Stars in Fossil’s New Fitness Watch Ads

Model Candice Huffine is one of the most vocal advocates of inclusivity in the fashion industry, and she’s making more meaningful strides in moving the conversation forward thanks to her new Fossil watch campaign.

The 34-year-old model is the face of Fossil’s new Sport Smartwatch advertisements, which marks a huge step for the industry.

“I think this Fossil campaign is proof of how much we have evolved in the space of inclusivity,” Huffine tells PEOPLE. “Typically one body type has been portrayed in fitness advertisements. The fact that Fossil sees beyond size and recognizes my strength and accomplishments as a woman and athlete means so much to me, which I feel is proof of true change towards the future I had personally always hoped for in this industry.”

She continues: “There is not one kind of body that works out, that wears bikinis, that is fashionable and the bubble, I feel, is finally bursting on that archaic form of advertising. True inspiration and aspiration lies in feeling seen, and encouraged to just be unapologetically you.”

The new Sport Smartwatch tracks your progress with Google Fit health coaching and has built-in GPS and store music capabilities to keep you wired while you workout.

To get to know more about Huffine and the Sport Smartwatch, we caught up with the model to talk about her new gig, how she thinks the industry is progressing and some of her favorite fashion finds of the moment.

PEOPLE: Why did you want to team with Fossil on the Sport Smartwatch Launch?
Candice Huffine: As someone who truly cares about fitness and health, it was really exciting to partner with a brand committed to bring fashion and technology together and in a really positive way. This is a watch that is designed for everyone, regardless of their clothing size or athletic ability, and I’m excited to be the face of a campaign that is authentically empowering and spreads positivity — two messages that are very close to me personally.

P: How has the new technology behind the watch helped your workouts?
CH: This watch is truly state of the art — I’ve never seen a more seamless design and it now features an extended battery life, an updated interface and Google Fit to track workouts. Not only can I track my heart rate, I can also understand how I’m responding to my workouts. It’s such a game changer.

P: You’re a marathoner — why is it so important to track your workouts?
CH: I think we all like to know how our body is responding to our workouts, and as a marathoner, it’s more important than ever to track your progress. Running a marathon is such a daunting, yet rewarding experience. Not only does it take months and months to train, including practice runs and stamina building, but it also takes a lot of courage. Documenting my progression through tracking on my watch is what led me to officially believing I was a runner. I knew I felt stronger and could run further, but seeing the statistical proof was the best motivator. Now, my Fossil Sport Smartwatch is there throughout the journey with me – all the way to the finish line.

P: As a leading voice in the body diversity movement in fashion right now, where do you think there is room for improvement?
CH: My suggestion to the industry is just consistency and solid commitment. Brands, magazines, companies, television, etc. have to remain committed to constant diversity and inclusivity. There is no going back. This is how it is now and if you don’t double down and stay the course of celebrating the truth of all women, it will come off as tokenism.

P: Why is it so important to have these discussions on inclusion?
CH: We aren’t at a place yet where it’s a normality across the board, so the conversation must stay a hot topic in order to make a solid change.

P: What’s the last online purchase you made?
CH: I buy everything online so the last things are as mundane as cleaning supplies and as fun as knee-high sparkly boots.

P: What’s topping your holiday wish list?
CH: A vacation somewhere with clear blue water.

P: What’s the oldest thing in your closet?
CH: My collection of vintage tees.

P: What’s the most meaningful piece of jewelry in your collection?
CH: My engagement and wedding rings for the obvious reasons but also because they are vintage and beautiful. The engagement ring dates back to 1894 and now is still here joining me in life. It’s really cool to stop and think about the special women you have shared that with.

P: What’s the most used product in your makeup bag?
CH: BoyBrow by Glossier.

Reporting by Brittany Talarico

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