New Aquaman Poster Sets Up His Classic Costume

When Jason Momoa was announced as the DCEU’s Aquaman, it gave fans an impression that the ruler of the Seven Seas was going to be a lot less comic book-y and a lot more badass. Best known for his portrayal of Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, the decision to cast Momoa swims much further from the chipper blonde-haired superhero who rocks a bright orange and green scaly suit. But when director James Wan signed on to Aquaman, he knew exactly what he was getting into and wanted to feature the iconic seafaring superhero suit and all. With the release of Aquaman just under three months away, Wan has shared a brand new poster of the upcoming film, and it teases some of that green and orange. Check it out:

What a beautiful poster! The sneak peak of Aquaman’s iconic suit has the hero in emerald green gloves and an orangey-gold suit as he holds up a sparkling trident. James Wan tweeted it out with a little rhyme that goes “A Son of the Land, A King of the Seas, He’s the Protector of the Deep,” along with announcing that something is arriving tomorrow (possibly a new trailer that will reveal his suit completely?) For longtime fans of the comic book character, this is an exciting teaser that promises them that a genuine Aquaman is swimming into theaters come December. Jason Mamoa’s previous get-ups have included a muted green, brown and gold costume in his full Justice League appearance and a simple pair of denim jeans (worn underwater for some reason?) in the first poster released for Aquaman.

The DC superhero has long been a member of the Justice League, though he’s also plagued with the most jokes and not given the same stature as Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman. James Wan and Jason Mamoa are hoping to change perceptions of the king of the seas with Aquaman while also telling a story of the hero that sticks to the source material. Based on the first footage within the first trailer, Aquaman looks to be taking a fun approach to the character, as Momoa delivers amusing quips while also bringing strength to the Aquaman name. The upcoming movie will be a unique underwater spectacle, including the beautiful sea creatures of the deep along with showcasing a city in the depths of the ocean.

While the DCEU had it start with muted portrayals of its iconic superheroes, the franchise seems to be taking note from the massive success of the MCU and breaking away from brooding installments. Following the blockbuster Wonder Woman, Aquaman will likely be taking a similar tone. The tide is coming to theaters on December 21.

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