My Bloody Valentine say they’re releasing two albums next year

Much-anticipated new material could finally be on its way

My Bloody Valentine‘s Kevin Shields has said that the band will release two albums next year, having developed from a planned EP.

Fans on Reddit dug up a Japanese interview with the musician filmed when the band played the country’s Super Sonic festival in August.

In the clip, Shields discusses the band’s new material, which was originally slated for release this year in the form of two EPs, supposedly a precursor for a new album.

“We’re trying to finish a short album of material… it was going to be an EP in the summer, but we decided not to and decided to make it longer,” he said.

He revealed that the band hope to have the album finished by November and that it will feature seven or eight tracks. “We’ll also be recording new material next year. There will be a lot of new material coming in the next year, there will be about two new records.”

Long-term fans of the band will know to take Shields’ promises with a pinch of salt. Infamously the group took 22 years to record the follow-up to their seminal second album ‘Loveless’, with their third, ‘m b v’ released in 2013.

The band have shared new material live, however.

They debuted a new song at this year’s Meltdown Festival in May, and then at a recent gig at the Fox Theatre in Oakland, California the band premiered another.

Shields previously said the group had started recording analogue in the summer of 2017.

“We only really got backing track stuff done, drums and stuff,” he added. “And then I’ve only really got into it, now, essentially because I’m not making an album in the way I would normally make an album, which is a self-contained thing.”

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