Kris Jenner Wears Red Track Suit to Match Ferrari Kylie Jenner Gave Her for Birthday Present

Kris Jenner’s 63rd birthday celebrations are already off to a fabulous start.

The Keeping Up the Kardashians momager’s big day is on Nov. 5, but her daughter, Kylie Jenner, surprised her with her “dream car” a little early. On Monday night the 21-year-old beauty mogul delivered a 488 Gran Turismo Berlinetta red Ferrari (that retails for $250,000) to Kris’ house for an early birthday present.

And Kris is already enjoying her new ride. On Tuesday, Kylie shared an Instagram story of Kris ready to take her car on the road — wearing a matching bright red outfit.

Kris chose a sporty red track suit with white racing stripe, paired with white sneakers with red accents and oversize square sunglasses to take her new car for a spin.

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The night Kylie delivered the car, she documented the entire show-down on social media, showing Kris’ starstruck expression. “What? What is that? Are you kidding me?” she gasped. “That’s from you? Oh my god. Oh my god!”

She was holding back tears in her star-print pajamas, which she joked about, saying if she knew Kylie was coming over she, “would have dressed cuter.”

While a $250,000 gift seems mighty generous and extravagant, for Kylie, who has a $900 billion cosmetics empire, it’s mere chump change. In fact, Andy Cohen did the math and on Watch What Happens Live and explained that if Kylie made the average income of someone her age, it would be the equivalent of spending roughly $1.75 — the cost of a slurpee, he pointed out.

Kylie Jenner Surprises ‘Queen’ Kris Jenner with a $250K Red Ferrari for Her 63rd Birthday

This isn’t the first time Kris was gifted a car from her family. For Christmas 2016 the KarJenner crew all chipped in to give their mom and grandma, MJ, two 1950s era Ford Thunderbirds.

“So surprised I seriously have no words for this spectacular gift from my kids,” Kris captioned a photo of the two cars, Kris getting a white one and MJ a red one. “Thank you family.”

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