Here’s Vic Mensa’s full XXXTentacion diss from the BET Hip Hop Awards

“XXX we all know you won’t live that long”.

The full details of Vic Mensa’s diss against the late XXXTentacion have been revealed, after the ceremony aired on television last night.

Last week, the rapper issued an apology to the mother of XXXTentacion after she attended the ceremony to honour her son, who was shot outside a Florida motorbike dealership in June.

Although apologising for any potential upset, Mensa remained resolute as he explained how he had a responsibility to address XXXTentacion’s troubled history of domestic abuse.

As the ceremony finally aired last night, the diss was ultimately censored – but those in attendance explained how it saw him questioning whether the rapper’s legacy will prove enduring.

 “Only time you bear arms is in a wife beater, loser/Your favorite rapper is a domestic abuser. Name a single Vic Mensa song, XXX we all know you won’t live that long. I don’t respect niggas posthumously, homicide ain’t new to me, catch up with Akademiks at your eulogy.”

Speaking in his initial apology, Mensa said: “I stand behind those statements. It was pre-recorded weeks ago, and I had no idea a grieving mother would be in the audience to honour her lost son.

“I never intended to disrespect her, and I offer my deepest condolences for her loss at the hands of gun violence.”

Meanwhile, one of XXXTentacion‘s frequent collaborators has given an update on the rapper’s upcoming posthumous album.

John Cunningham, who served as co-executive producer on Onfroy’s second album ‘?’, said: “We basically started making this next album right after ‘?’ came out. The songs and the ideas and the vision of it all was done or very close to being done.”

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