Happy Halloween, maggots – a new Slipknot song is coming today

Get ready…

Slipknot look set to return today with the arrival of a brand new track.

The masked metal icons have been at work on their new album, which looks set to drop next year. Now, after being announced to headline Download Festival 2019 alongside a number of other huge European tour dates, Slipknot have announced that a new song will air today as Zane Lowe’s World Record on Beats 1.

The band have also shared a Tweet from the account ‘Touche’, which fans are now speculating is a fake Halloween costume company set up by the band to launch the new single.

The Tweet is captioned with ‘I KNOW YOU HEARD ME, I FUCKING TOLD YOU’, which some believe may be lyrics to a new track.

Here are some other creepy and typically Slipknot tweets from the account. Many of the masks shared appear to relate to members of the band.

Slipknot are currently at work on their new album – as well as plans to celebrate ‘All Is Hope Gone’ and their seminal debut.

As for the new album, Taylor has said that it could be the band’s most mature to date. Speaking to Resurrection Fest TV, he explained that the band currently have demoed 20 songs that are “really, really good” and are currently working on which tracks will appear on the album.

“However, the way we’re talking right now, we’re trying to find ways that everyone can hear all the songs,” he explained. “So we’ll put the album out, and then maybe we’ll release something after that.

“It’s something that we’re really trying to think of — giving the audience more, giving the fans more of us. But it’s gotta make sense — it’s gotta be Slipknot. It can’t just be something that throw out there because we can; it’s gotta have art, it’s gotta have content, it’s gotta have passion to it.”

Visit here for a full list of Slipknot UK and European tour dates. 

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