‘The Simpsons’ producer spots glaring error in old episode

How didn’t we notice this?

The Simpsons executive producer Matt Selman has spotted a glaring episode in one of the show’s most significant episodes.

Vintage Simpsons fans will recall that ‘And Maggie Makes Three’ is the season six episode where Marge informs Homer that she’s pregnant with the youngest of their brood.

But as Selman points out, there’s just one problem. In the very scene where Marge reveals the news, there’s a framed photo of Maggie in the background.

Selman posted the gaffe on Twitter, and it’s causing quite the debate among Simpsons devotees.

Producer Al Jean wrote: “Canon is in ruins”.

He later joked that seventeen people had been sacked for the blunder.

Yeardley Smith, the voice of Lisa Simpson, simply replied: “Oooops”.

Earlier this year, Al Jean revealed how he thinks the show should eventually end.

Initially written in 2014, Jean explained his concept for how to end the long-running comedy series and it explains why the citizens of Springfield aren’t affected by the passing of time.

He tweeted: “My idea for last episode — ends w/arrival at Xmas pageant (beginning of first episode). Whole series a continuous loop…”

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