Taron Egerton Looks Totally Unrecognizable As Elton John In Rocketman Movie

In the world of celebrity, there’s nobody quite like Elton John. The singer and songwriter has a look and style all his own, and while he can’t be replaced, he certainly can be emulated. Taron Egerton will be playing the star in the upcoming musical (sort of) biopic Rocketman and we now have our first look at the actor in his full Elton John garb, and it’s glorious. If this picture is an example of what we can expect from Rocketman it’s going to be one hell of a movie. Check it out.

From the studded glasses and gold lamé jacket to the massive winged high tops, the over-the-top style of Elton John is on full display here. Of course, that overlooks the fact that Taron Egerton is either wearing very short shorts, or possibly no pants whatsoever. It’s not clear, but honestly, it doesn’t matter. Either answer would be perfectly fitting considering we’re talking about Elton John.

Taron Egerton looks like a young Elton John here much more than he looks like himself. Kingsman this is not. Though one has to wonder how much Kingsman: The Golden Circle gave Egerton an up close and personal chance to watch Elton John, since the singer had a role in the movie. It would have made for the perfect opportunity to learn mannerisms and speech patterns.

Rocketman looks to be an interesting movie because while the early word on the movie was that it was going to a biopic on the life of Elton John, it seems that’s not entirely accurate. Taron Egerton has called the film a “fantasy musical” and while it will apparently deal with the life of the eclectic songwriter, it will do so in a way that intersperses musical numbers of John’s own songs at key points in his life. It makes it sound like a broadway “jukebox musical,” just one where the plotline will directly involve the life of the singer responsible for the music being performed. Of course, the “fantasy” element may mean they’ll be taking significant liberties with the story. That remains to be seen. We do know the story will deal with John’s early years as a musical prodigy as well as him meeting with his longtime partner Bernie Taupin, who will be played by Jamie Bell.

One can only assume that the outfit seen here is only one of many that we’ll see Taron Egerton wearing throughout Rocketman. The costume designer on this movie must have had the best possible time putting these things together and I certainly can’t wait to see what the movie has come up with. We’ll see for sure when Rocketman hits theaters in may of 2019.

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