Hilary Duff Is Saving Clothes for Soon-to-Be-Born Baby Daughter

Hilary Duff already knows she is going to give her daughter free rein of her closet once she is born.

“Oh, I’ve been [saving clothing] for like 10 years!” Duff, whose second limited-edition Bold Capsule Collection with GlassesUSA.com launches today, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “And I’ve been doing that having no idea I was going to have a girl. I think I knew at some point I was going to have a girl and just saved a lot of cool stuff.”

There’s one in piece in particular she knows she’ll pass along to her daughter. “I have this really cool Dries van Noten pearl bib thing that I bought a couple years ago,” Duff, 30, says. And there’s more where that came from. “[It’s] things like that that I probably spent too much money on but I really enjoyed, and maybe I am not enjoying right now, but I think that in 10 years it will be cool for her.”

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Duff’s been keeping busy while preparing for the arrival of her second child. From getting son Luca, 6, ready for first grade to collaborating with GlassesUSA.com on her second eyewear capsule, the star knows how to balance it all.

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“This partnership has been really fun. The shapes are very classic and the colors are bold — it’s very California-coast-inspired. It was a creative outlet for me,” she says. “But sometimes stuff does stress me out and it is hard to feel like I am there enough for Luca, if it’s a school play or soccer game.”

She adds, “I’m lucky to have lots of opportunities and people that are sensitive to what my priorities are in my life, which is obviously my kid. I’ve been working so long I don’t think I could strictly be a mom. I really need that other outlet.”

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Duff explains that her passion for glasses — despite not needing them for her vision — made the collaboration with GlassesUSA.com a perfect fit.

“I love glasses. I love sunglasses. I’ve always been really outspoken about the fact that I have perfect eyesight, so I don’t need glasses, but I wear them all the time because I think they’re cool!” she says. “That does not stop me ’cause I think it is a style thing and an expression of how you are feeling and what you want your vibe to look like. It is a fashion piece,” Duff says.

As for her personal sense of style right now? The expectant mom says she’s approaching pregnancy fashion differently than she did the first time.

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“Right now in my pregnancy I don’t really have too much time to think about clothes to be honest, which is actually really cool,” Duff explains. “I am hustling to get a six-year-old to first grade everyday and make it to the gym so I am like, ‘Do these leggings still fit? Cool.”

“Usually I wear a big flowy dress or a slip dress. I haven’t been wearing heels. I haven’t been wearing makeup. I’ve really embraced this pregnancy in a different way than I did with Luca. I was still trying to wear little blazers and skinny jeans [with him]. This has been totally different.”

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