50 Cent enters the feud between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B

The plot thickens..

50 Cent has entered the fray after a feud between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B emerged over the weekend.

The pair reportedly came to blows at a New York Fashion Week party on Friday – with photos appearing to show Cardi being escorted out of the event.

Now, 50 Cent has added his own reasoning to the feud after controversial rapper Tekashi 6x9ine and DJ SpinKing took their sides.

In footage posted online, DJ SpinKing is seen playing Nicki’s music in a club – and Tekashi is seen dancing to it.

But despite releasing ‘Fefe’ with Minaj, things suddenly go very different for Tekashi.

At one point, the DJ stops the track and switches it to Cardi’s Bodak Yellow before saying: “I’m sorry Nicki, I’m team Cardi B on this side.”

Tekashi is then seen dancing to Bodak Yellow – which is 50 Cent’s point of contention. He fears that the move could turn Tekashi against Minaj.

“No @djspinking that’s female shit stay out of that, now Nicki gonna get mad at 69 for turning up, trust me”, the rapper warned in a since deleted Instagram post.

“She on her South Side shit.”

However, it ultimately seems that Tekashi’s actions didn’t come back to bite him – he was seen with Minaj last night.

Meanwhile, the initial scuffle began after Cardi B supposedly approached Minaj over “lies Nicki was spreading”.

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Cardi B was allegedly elbowed in the face by a security guard before throwing a shoe at Minaj, who seemed to leave the incident unscathed. Minaj has not, as yet, released a statement about the incident.

After Cardi was escorted out barefoot, a bump was visible above her eye. The incident was captured on video.

In the video, Cardi B can be heard repeatedly shouting “b**** come here” at Minaj with security trying to break up the argument. Variety  have also confirmed that the two people fighting were Cardi B and Minaj.

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