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Nips out! These stars are choosing comfort, and going braless while rocking T-shirt and tanks! Bella Thorne, Ariel Winter and more take on the on-trend look!

From models to singers to actresses and beyond, everyone is rocking the no-bra trend and let their tee-tahs go free! Some celebs have been doing this for years, while others are just jumping on the trend. Jennifer Aniston, like her character on Friend Rachel Green, typically opts to go braless, especially when out and about in her casual wear. The actress has been spotted with her nips on display while rocking a number of T-shirts and tanks through the years, beyond just the ’90s! Of course, today’s top models have also gotten hooked on the braless trend, like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner! Gigi has been spotted enjoying NYC in a white T-shirt, while forgoing a bra — who needs on anyway?!

Kendall is always either forgetting her bra or just deciding not to wear one, and we don’t blame her. With her trendy looks from top to bottom, her braless style is always on-point. Just recently, the model was spotted out and about in a white T-shirt and cut-off jean shorts. Her accessories included her tiny trendy glasses and… her nipples. LOL. Kendall isn’t the only one who has been rocking this trend for a while, though! Rihanna has been working the no-bra look since she sat court side in a white tank top in 2014! With her pink hair in a short chop, Riri set off a frenzy with her look, but little did she know it was going to be a huge trend in just a few years!

Now, of course, everyone is doing it! Like Ariel Winter, who has stepped out in LA multiple times to run errands in plain white T-shirts without a bra. Also, Bella Thorne has gone braless on both her Instagram and with her street style. Last summer she was photographed rocking some major underboob and nipple, wearing a cut-off tank top and tiny jean shorts. Click here to go through our gallery of celebs going braless under T-shirts!

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