Joaquin Phoenix Has Lost A Ton Of Weight For The Joker Movie

Three-time Oscar nominated actor, Joaquin Phoenix has been known to pull off an amazing transformation from time to time. From Johnny Cash in 2005’s Walk the Line, to his recent take on Jesus Christ in this year’s Mary Magdalene, the actor’s incredible range seems to know no bounds. Next, Phoenix will soon take on one of the most iconic villains out of DC Comics as the Joker, in an intriguing character study of the crazed villain’s origin story. As Joker gets ready to film this fall in New York City, Phoenix was recently spotted walking about the city, and looking noticeably thinner than usual. While in other prior appearances, the 43-year-old actor has sported a look typical of most middle-aged men, he now looks real skinny just in time to become the Joker.

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