How Much The Predator Could Make Opening Weekend

The summer season may have started to wind down after the debuts of films like Mission: Impossible – Fallout and The Meg, but there are still a few releases on the horizon worth getting excited about. Chief among them is Shane Black’s The Predator, which promises a return to all of the delightfully R-rated chaos and gore that fans of the series have come to know and love. Box office estimates have started to roll in ahead of The Predator‘s September release, and it looks like the film could open strong in the $30 million range.

According to a new report from Variety, it looks like The Predator is eyeing a respectable opening weekend in the range of $25-30 million in its opening weekend. The film is expected to dominate other openers, which include A Simple Favor and White Boy Rick.

However, these reports also note that The Predator might not make easy prey of every movie at the box office when it opens on September 14. Though it’s expected to make quick work of the aforementioned fellow openers, it will have to also contend with the second weekend of Corin Hardy’s The Nun, which is currently tracking a roughly $40 million opening for Warner Bros. The Conjuring universe is a pretty hot commodity in Hollywood right now, and when we consider the horror roots of the Predator franchise as a whole (even if it skews more into action territory), there is always a chance that these two could duke it out in a major way.

Of course, The Predator has prestige on its side, as Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang director Shane Black has stepped behind the camera to bring the film to life. Black has developed a rabid fan base for his work on movies like Iron Man 3 and The Nice Guys in recent years, and the fact that he was actually one of the stars of the original Predator back in 1987 could go a long way towards getting fanboys fired up.

The Predator centers on a group of special forces operatives who break free from government custody to fight against the titular alien hunter when it arrives on Earth to hunt for sport. However, unlike previous entries in the Predator canon, this film will see the team go up against the aptly-named “Ultimate Predator,” which is essentially an enhanced version of the typical Predator hunter.

We will have to wait and see how The Predator resonates with audiences when the film debuts in theaters next month on September 14. If you are excited about the long-awaited sequel/reboot of the beloved sci-fi action franchise, then let us know in the comments below! Otherwise, head on over to our 2018 movie premiere guide to get more information on all of the films that are set to debut on the big screen this year!

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