Halsey Stans Share How ‘Badlands’ Changed Their Lives On The Album’s Third Anniversary

There’s no refuting the major industry success of Badlands, Halsey’s debut studio album released three years ago on this day. It’s been certified platinum, with eight of the deluxe version’s sixteen tracks achieving their own certifications (four gold, four platinum).

As impressive as those numbers are — and yes, stans care about charts and numbers — it’s the music, artistry and meaning that makes Badlands special to Halsey’s longtime fans. On the album’s third anniversary, those fans have been reflecting on #3YearsOfBadlands with what the album meant to them when it dropped in 2015 and the journey they’ve been on with Halsey since then.

Many Halsey stans credit Badlands with changing their relationship to music, finally hearing something that they believed told their stories and resonated within them.

For many Halsey stans, they’ve grown up alongside her — Halsey was nineteen when she wrote Badlands and twenty when it was released.

Badlands had such an impact on listeners that some stans have kept Halsey’s lyrics forever as tattoos.

They’ve credited Halsey and Badlands with helping them through the trials and tribulations of growing up.

Halsey got in on the #3YearsofBadlands reflection, too, posting a lengthy caption about the era and how Badlands changed her life. She answered plenty of fan questions before thanking them for their support.

As great as Badlands was, Halsey continues to slay, finishing a world tour to support her second album, which also went platinum.

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