BTS’s ARMY Could Break Taylor Swift’s Record For Most-Viewed Music Video In 24 Hours With “IDOL”

After falling less than eight million views shy of scoring the record for most views on a music video in 24 hours just months ago, BTS has another shot with “IDOL,” which dropped today.

Earlier this year, their music video for “Fake Love” racked up 35.9 million views in its first 24 hours. That put the video in third place for most views in that time period, behind Taylor Swift’s 43.2 million views for “Look What You Made Me Do” and Psy’s 36 million views for “Gentleman.” Since then, BLACKPINK has claimed second place ahead of BTS and Psy, with 36.2 million views on “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du.”

In the nine hours since “IDOL” dropped, the video has approximately 27.5 million views as of press time. I haven’t taken a math class in years, but a basic projection shows that at its current pace, “IDOL” would be viewed an astonishing 73 million times in the first 24 hours. It’s very likely that the pace will slow down, but it’s already more than halfway to beating Taylor’s record in less than half a day.

ARMY, the extremely savvy and passionate fanbase supporting BTS, is keeping track of all these stats themselves on their mission to score the record. Regardless of the ultimate outcome, ARMY is already proud to be breaking their own records for most views on a BTS video in such a short period of time, previously held by “DNA” and “Fake Love.”

With their own records clearly surpassed, ARMY is going for gold, getting views faster than YouTube can verify.

They know they’re on track for the record, and they’re shook by their own power.

It’ll take time for YouTube to verify views and truly determine if BTS takes home the record for 24-hour views, but it’s looking very possible for ARMY. In the meantime, add your view to the already-27.5 million by watching the “IDOL” video below!

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