A List Of Films Heading Into Theaters

Although he made a name for himself as Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation, Chris Pratt has come a long way since he acted as the front man for Mouse Rat. In fact, he’s become a full-fledged movie star and one of Hollywood’s top actors named Chris. His charm, humor and everyman quality has propelled him into the upper echelon of the industry and seen him get top billing in some of the biggest franchises and blockbusters out there. He has shown no signs of slowing down, either. Chris Pratt has plenty of huge sequels in the most popular franchises on the way and even when he isn’t a part of something, his name usually isn’t far from the conversation, such as the suggestion that he should be the next Indiana Jones.

All of this goes to ensure that Chris Pratt will be dominating theater screens for years to come. Johnny Karate and Burt Macklin may have retired, but Chris Pratt is just getting started. Check out all of the actor’s upcoming movies below.

The Kid

One of Chris Pratt’s only upcoming movies that isn’t part of a major franchise is his turn in The Kid. The Western from director Vincent D’Onofrio will tell the story of a young boy who witnesses the encounter between legendary outlaw Billy the Kid and the lawman, Sheriff Pat Garrett. Dane DeHaan will play Billy the Kid opposite Ethan Hawke’s Pat Garrett. Chris Pratt is playing a character named Grant Cutler. We haven’t seen a trailer yet for this film, but it sounds like it will be a bit more serious than the action-heavy The Magnificent Seven. The Kid is currently in post-production but doesn’t have a release date set yet.

Release Date: TBD

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