32 Facts That Prove “Friends” Could Have Been Way, Way Different

Speaking in 2012, Lisa Kudrow revealed that on their first day, Courteney told the group: “Listen, I just did a Seinfeld episode and they all help each other. They say: “Try this,” and “This would be funny.”” And she told her fellow Friends actors to do the same to her. Lisa went on: “There’s a code with actors. Actors don’t give each other notes under any circumstances. So she was giving us permission to give her notes, and we all agreed that that would be great. Why not? And she also said, “Listen, you know, we all need to make this thing great.” She just set the stage with: “I know I’m the one who’s been on TV, but this is all of us.” She was the one who set that tone and made it a real group that way.”

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