World Cup Final U.S. Ratings: A 15 Percent Hit From 2014, Still a Fox Win

Sunday’s relatively early coverage of the France-Croatia match tops the weekend.

The 2018 World Cup is all over. And despite significant early ratings fatigue compared to 2014 tournament, Sunday’s Final was only down 15 percent in early returns.

Nielsen Media gives Fox’s coverage of the France-Croatia Final a 8.3 overnight rating among households. That’s down from the comparable 9.7 overnight rating in 2014, which ultimately translated to 17.3 million viewers for ABC and ESPN. Coverage of the match, which aired at 11 a.m. ET/8 a.m. PT, peaked at a 10.0 overnight rating. That was down 30 percent from the comparable peak in 2014.

The fact that France’s victory was a relatively decisive one likely didn’t help viewer retention. With a final score of 4-2, and a brief advantage of three goals, it was hardly the nail biter of 2014. Germany took that game 1-zip over Argentina.

Compared to 2010, when Spain and the Netherlands played the Final in South Africa, Sunday’s ratings were only down a scant 3 percent.

Through the Round of 16, Fox Sports’ World Cup coverage was down 19 percent from the comparable showing on ESPN in 2014 and improved from 2010. Final averages for both are expected this week.

Overnight returns for Telemundo were not immediately available. Those, as well as total viewership stats for Fox, are due later on Monday.

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