The 1975 are sending their fans special care packages

A number of fans have been receiving a special delivery from the band through the post ahead of their forthcoming pair of new albums

The 1975 have started sending out special care packages to their fans.

The Manchester quartet are currently putting the finishing touches to their upcoming third studio album ‘A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships’, which is expected to be released in October. That record will swiftly be followed by ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’, which is scheduled to arrive in early 2019.

The band are continuing to ramp up fan anticipation for the two new records by sending out special packages in the post to members of their fanbase. Pictures of the packages have started to surface on Twitter, suggesting that its contents include a special fanzine and a sheet of paper which is labelled “DH00279”.

The latter finishes with this passage: “Did you see the posters? The umbrella of Music For Cars. Let’s forget about that for now, that comes later. What matters is A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships. I’ve not finished anything yet everything changes so fast and there’s so many young people and I’m very gracious humbled to still be accpted [sic] on the internet considering my identity and there’s an anxiety to the 3rd that isn’t present in the first or second or fourth-“

See images of the care package below.

Last month, the father of The 1975 frontman Matty Healy confirmed that he had recorded a track with his son for one of the band’s upcoming new albums.

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