Netflix Has A New Movie About Someone Cutting Off Their Penis

Netflix may not be known for having the best movies, but the streaming service does offer a wide variety of unique and interesting titles. Nevertheless, even with the streaming service’s deluge of content for all tastes, ‘guy getting his penis cut off’ would not have had my money in the Netflix greenlight pool. I know what you’re thinking, this has to be a horror movie right? Because having your penis cut off is no laughing matter. But nope, The Package is a comedy and looks like it will deliver some laughs from this nightmarish scenario. Check out the trailer for Netflix’s The Package below:

The Package follows in the proud tradition of movies where people go to the woods and things go hilariously wrong. In this instance, accidentally cutting off your penis (seriously, what are you doing, dude?) while deep in the woods and far from medical attention. This premise is silly, but it looks like it should deliver some fun laughs as this group of friends races to save their friend’s most prized possession. The ineptitude displayed by the out of their depth group is pretty funny, as they are clearly ill-equipped to handle this situation. The trailer doesn’t show any of the inevitable dick jokes, but I can already see arguments over who picks it up, and a mad search for a cooler with awkwardness and fumbling idiocy leading to laughs.

This trailer definitely gives off a bit of a Superbad vibe, and I imagine that’s what they are going for with plenty of raunchiness and cursing. These teens are all just looking to have a good time and break free from ordinary life and responsibilities while also dealing with awkward crushes. Just like in Superbad and many other teen comedies, those awkward crushes lead to some cringe-worthy moments, as attempting to play it cool leads to embarrassment and physical pain. There’s a fun chemistry with the cast in the trailer and hopefully the story and jokes can capitalize on that.

The film features a race against time to make their friend whole again, but it does seem like there is some sort of other calamitous obstacle or event beyond that has the characters questioning their decision to go camping. The trailer teases that something is being held back from the trailer, and since we already get to see that Jeremy, played by Eduardo Franco, cuts off his own penis in a display of otherworldly stupidity, I can’t imagine what plot point they are teasing us with.

Jake Szymanski, who also helmed Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, directs The Package, which premieres on Netflix on August 10. Check out our guides for all the original movies and TV shows coming to Netflix in 2018. For all the latest on why you should always cut away from your body, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

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