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Who said mom jeans couldn’t be stylish? Taylor Swift, Bella Hadid and Ashley Graham are just a few of the celebrities who’ve effortlessly pulled off high-rise denim!

High-waisted jeans have gotten a bad rap for decades, but they’ve received the love they deserve in recent years. TBH, if we could permanently eradicate low-rise jeans from society, I’d be happy. Your mom knew what she was doing in the ’80s – higher rises are easier to keep up, they sit more comfortably on your hips, they make your legs look longer and they look good on virtually everyone.

As with every trend, celebrities have already made the mom jean a staple in their closets. Kendall Jenner can frequently be seen out and about in a pair of high-waisted jeans, which she usually pairs with a crop top. Ashley Graham has also sported high-rise pants, sometimes opting to tuck a t-shirt into the waistline for a cleaner look.

When you think about high-waisted silhouettes however, there’s one celebrity in particular that usually comes to mind. Taylor Swift has basically created an entire wardrobe around high-rise clothing. From skirts to bikini bottoms, she’s constantly covering her belly button, so of course her pants wouldn’t be low-rise either. She’s even publicly professed her love for the style, admitting in a video for Vogue that her favorite trend of all-time is “high-waisted stuff.” Same girl!

But just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean we have to put our high-waisted jeans away until late September. On June 1, Bella Hadid made a great case for keeping the longer trousers in rotation during the warmer months. She rocked a pair of super high-rise flared-leg pants which she paired with a tucked-in pale blue button-down shirt. It looked like she just stepped out of the 70s in the best possible way. Frankly, we’re here for it. We’re also here for finding different ways to rock the same style, so check out our gallery above to see how other celebs rock high-waisted jeans!

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