Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian’s Capitol Hill Outfits

Just a little more than one month apart, both Kim Kardashian West and Kourtney Kardashian flew across the country to Washington D.C. with hopes of political reform. While the sisters each advocated for different causes — Kourtney lobbied to reform the laws that regulate ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products in the U.S. and Kim met with President Donald Trump to discuss prison reform and a presidential pardon — their outfits could not have been more similar.

When Kim visited the Oval Office Wednesday, the star strayed from her go-to body-con pieces and instead looked business chic in an all-black power pantsuit — with Vetements stitched into the front of the pants — and a black bodysuit.

She added a pop of color to the look by sporting a pair of vibrant chartreuse PVC pumps and wore her hair down with soft waves.

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call; Splash News

For her address to Congress last month Kourtney went for a bit more of a daring look by wearing a black blazer and straight leg trousers, along with a white crop top that showed off a hint of her abs and booties. She completed her Capitol Hill outfit with her hair slicked back and parted deep to one side.

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Kim was inspired to meet with the president as well as his son-in-law and senior advisor, Jared Kushner, in honor of Alice Marie Johnson, the 62-year-old great-grandmother who was incarcerated in October 1996 for a first-time nonviolent drug offense after she helped facilitate communications in a drug trafficking case. She’s been campaigning for Johnson’s presidential pardon.

“Happy Birthday Alice Marie Johnson. Today is for you,” the KKW Beauty mogul wrote on Twitter.

“I would like to thank President Trump for his time this afternoon. It is our hope that the President will grant clemency to Ms. Alice Marie Johnson who is serving a life sentence for a first-time, non-violent drug offense,” she later tweeted.

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“We are optimistic about Ms. Johnson’s future and hopeful that she —and so many like her—will get a second chance at life,” she wrote in a follow-up tweet.

Kourtney teamed up with the Environmental Working Group as it launches a new initiative, #BeautyMadeBetter, to raise awareness for reform as it has been 80 years since the U.S. last passed a law to regulate the safety of personal care products.

The star said becoming a mom is what really inspired her to start focusing on the ingredients found in all her household products, including cosmetics.

“When I had my first son, I started really learning so much about the foods that I was feeding him and it just kind of all snowballed. As a mom, you really take so much interest in the products… and it’s so crazy. I was thinking about it this morning. I would get so many baby gifts and a lot of it were products, skincare products for my kids,” Kardashian said at the briefing.

“And I would use the things that people sent me just assuming these are baby products and that they should be safe. I remember learning from my mom friends that these were not healthy at all.”

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