Kesha Stands With DREAMers In Her Space-Themed ‘Hymn’ Video

Kesha‘s 2017 comeback album, Rainbow, is all about love, light, and celebrating dreamers of all kinds. But in her hypnotic new video for “Hymn,” the singer celebrates one deserving group in particular: DACA Dreamers.

In a Facebook post announcing the new vid, Kesha detailed her new partnership with United We Dream, a youth-led organization that aids people brought to the States as kids under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. She said meeting co-founder Cristina Jiménez last month inspired her to link up with the group and to share its powerful message.

“This song is so important to me, and I’ve been holding onto this music video for a while now, but after meeting Cristina, I felt like now was the time to release it to further bring attention to this cause,” she wrote. “We are all the same, born into whatever circumstance the universe hands us, and I believe it should be a right to be able to dream big.”

As for the video itself, it finds Kesha riding in the backseat of a driver-less convertible cruising down a desert highway. Throughout the clip, several outcasts leave their homes and meet Kesha out on the road, before the car is lifted into space (it wouldn’t be a Kesha visual without a celestial reference!) and, presumably, to a better place.

“At my shows, I dedicate my song ‘Hymn’ to DREAMers because I don’t believe that people who came to this country as children should be punished by potentially having their families torn apart if they haven’t done anything wrong,” Kesha added in her Facebook post. “Unfortunately, these young people are immediately at risk of losing their access to higher education, lawful employment, and relief from deportation. As I say in ‘Hymn’, we are all ‘Dreamers searching for the truth,’ and I hope you will stand with me to fight for the DREAMers.”

Find out more about Kesha’s partnership with United We Dream here.

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