Jimmy Fallon and Lin-Manuel Miranda “Two Goats in a Boat” Instagram Video (Watch)

“Two goats in a boat. Goats down to out throats. Two goats in a boat,” the pair sing.

Jimmy Fallon and Lin-Manuel Miranda are ready for summer — and have some “pretty decent goats” to go with the season. The Tonight Show host and Hamilton creator took to Instagram today (June 1) to sing a goofy, choreographed song about their goatees and being on the water.

It all begins with Fallon shaving his beard into a goatee, remarking that his “goat” is “pretty decent” and that he wishes he had someone to share it with. That special someone turned out to be Miranda, who has appeared in a myriad of skits with Fallon in the past.

The two ride their canoes back and forth rhapsodizing about everything else that goes in their boats, including winter coats, Hall & Oates and thinking of senior quotes — complete with synchronized oar moves.

You can watch the video via Fallon’s Instagram account below.

This story first appeared on Billboard.com.

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