Circa Waves finish making ‘cinematic’ new album

Indie popsters say half their new album will ‘appal’ fans

Circa Waves have finished making their third album, which the band have told NME will be their most varied and cinematic record.

The band joked that the record is so varied that existing fans are likely to be “appalled” by half of its songs.

Speaking to NME backstage before their show at the Big Top tent at Isle Of Wight Festival, singer Kieran Shudall said the Liverpool four-piece didn’t want to hold back on changing their style from previous albums ‘Young Chasers’ and ‘Different Creatures’.

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Shudall said: “There are three or four songs on the next record where you’ll be able to say ‘Oh yeah, that’s Circa Waves.’ But the rest are totally different to anything we’ve done. There are a lot of different styles on there, but I think overall the unifying aspect of the sound is that it’s epic and cinematic.”

The album is again produced by Alan Moulder, who oversaw ‘Different Creatures’ and is known for his work with The Killers, Smashing Pumpkins and Nine Inch Nails.

Guitarist Joe Falconer said the band were more relaxed with Moulder while making the new record. Falconer said: “Alan is no longer just ‘that guy who’s made all these legendary albums’. He’s a friend now, so we were less in awe of him.” Shudall added: “He still won’t go out for a beer with us, but we’re less worried that he’s going to say to us ‘This isn’t as good as Nine Inch Nails. How can you lot call yourselves musicians?’”

Although refusing to reveal any song titles, Shudall picked out one new song as being key to the album, citing it as a “big piano ballad”. He joked: “Our fans are going to be appalled at a lot of what we’re doing on this record.” Falconer added: “There are songs that, previously, we wouldn’t have followed on through. This time we’ve seen where they can go and explored what we’re capable of.”

Shudall admitted that the band hadn’t yet had chance to ready any of the new songs to play live, saying: “It’s weird playing festivals this summer, because we’re doing the songs from our current albums, knowing that we’ve got all these other totally different songs up our sleeves and wondering what people will make of them.” Falconer added: “We’re terrible for knowing how to play new songs live. In the studio, we’ll go ‘Oh yeah, I’ll remember how to play that bit later’ and we never do.”

The title track of ‘Different Creatures’ was written about the humanitarian crisis in Syria, but Shudall said the new album won’t contain any political songs. He said: “I’ve not deliberately shied away from writing about politics, but ‘Different Creatures’ was a song that just fell out of me and none did like that this time. I think ‘Different Creatures’ was more humanitarian than political, and the songs on this new record are broadly about love.”

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