‘Westworld’: Shogun World, The Raj and Grace, Explained

The Hollywood Reporter rounds up the past week’s news, interviews and more about Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s genre-bending HBO drama.

Shogun World? That’s so last year.

The latest episode of Westworld, called “Virtù e Fortuna,” kicked the door wide open on a brand new park within the show’s universe: The Raj, previously known as “Park Six.” The newest location in the greater Westworld narrative has brought with it a brand new characters and a brand new set of mysteries, all of which were covered thoroughly here on The Hollywood Reporter over the past week.

In addition to dissecting “Virtù e Fortuna,” we spent the week looking ahead at what’s coming next: “The Riddle of the Sphinx,” the fourth episode of the season, and the directorial debut for series co-creator Lisa Joy. Catch up on everything we wrote about both episodes, before “Riddle of the Sphinx” airs on Sunday night:

Westworld Subverts Shogun World Expectations With a Clever Detour: Everyone has been waiting for Shogun World, and this past week’s episode finally delivered — barely, thanks to the final scene. With that said, the first sequence kicked the doors wide open on a brand new park, one that viewers couldn’t have anticipated. Our recap covers the Raj reveal, and everything else.

• Evan Rachel Wood on That “Gruesome,” “Unpredictable” War Scene: Has Dolores gone full Wyatt? The star of Westworld weighs in on her character’s tactical handling of the battle at Fort Forlorn Hope, and what’s coming next.

• Who is the Park’s New Action Hero?: Katja Herbers made her debut this week as “Grace,” an enigmatic guest who manages to make it out of the Raj alive. Here’s everything we know about her so far.

Welcome to the Raj: The newest park stands revealed: the Raj, home of Bengal tigers, elephants, and a whole bunch of homicidal hosts. Here’s the full rundown on what we know about Park Six.

PETA Blasts HBO Over Depiction of Elephants: “In light of the egregious cruelty and human health risks as well as the public’s growing opposition to the use of animals for entertainment — and because reports say that there are still plans to use bears this season — we’re urging HBO to commit to not using any wild animals in future episodes or other series,” PETA manager of animals in film and television Lauren Thomasson wrote this week in a letter addressed to HBO programming president Casey Bloys. The full letter, as well as HBO’s response, are covered here. 

• How Westworld Is Putting a Major Tragedy in Motion: Things do not look good for Teddy (James Marsden) and Dolores, especially after this week’s episode. Here’s what we think is coming next for these two star-crossed hosts. 

• Louis Herthum Discusses His Secretive Season 2 Narrative: At long last, Dolores reunited with her father Peter Abernathy — but only momentarily, and only a version of the man. The actor behind the character, Louis Herthum, spoke with THR about what’s coming next, which he teases with three words: “Bring it on.”

• Podcast | Breaking Down That “Oh My God” Moment: Every week, Josh Wigler and Jo Garfein are putting their heads together to spout out crackpot theories about the season two narrative. This week, they dig into Bernard and Abernathy’s scenes together, the time spent inside of the Raj, and much more. 

• Westworld Sets Up Deadly New Mystery: “Death is Always True”: The preview for “Riddle of the Sphinx,” the next episode, teases a major role ahead for the Man in Black.

• A Disturbing Nightmare Lies Ahead: In addition to the Man in Black, Bernard stands at the heart of “Riddle of the Sphinx,” based on new photos that see him once again in the thick of an outpost, surrounded by drone hosts. Expect major answers about Bernard’s dealings within the park as soon as the coming hour, directed by show co-creator Lisa Joy.

Check back every Saturday all season long for continued roundups of THR’s week in Westworld, and in the meantime, keep following our daily coverage at THR.com/Westworld.

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