Jonathan Davis has given an update on Korn’s new album and it’s not the news fans want

Jonathan Davis has given an update on the new Korn album and fans are in for a wait.

The band’s last record, ‘The Serenity Of Suffering‘, was released in 2016. It marked their 12th full-length studio release since forming in 1993.

Speaking to WhatCulture, Davis said the group had begun working on the next album. “[Guitarists] Head and Munky have been writing with a couple different producers, working on riffs and putting them down, cataloguing everything,” he said. “We’re gonna get together as a band in July and start putting their ideas together in the studio and start working on it.”

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He continued to explain the band were eyeing a summer 2019 release date. “It’s in the future, definitely,” he said. “When I get back after this European [solo] run, I start writing vocals for the stuff that they’ve done. We’re gonna keep working through the year, so hopefully we’ll have it out, probably, this time next year.”

Davis also responded to rumours that the band have been using writers from outside their number to write material for the record. “We’re writing everything,” he said. “We’re still writing our own music.”

The musician released his debut solo album ‘Black Labyrinth‘ last week (May 25). His Korn bandmate Ray Luzier features on the record, as does Limp Bizkit‘s Wes Borland.

Last year, Davis paid tribute to Linkin Park‘s Chester Bennington following his death. “I understand depression and everything he was going through,” Davis told Kerrang. “It’s always the seemingly happy, sweetest ones that are hurting the most. It’s a terrible disease that can make things feel unbearable. When I found out what had happened, I didn’t even have the words.

“I loved his smile. I always looked forward to seeing him. If we were playing at a festival together, he’d make a point to come and find me, which I always appreciated. Chester’s was an amazing journey to watch. I loved that kid.”

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