Bollywood Star Salman Khan, Banijay Asia Team on TV, Web Content

The partnership will create scripted and non-scripted shows.

Banijay Asia has formed an alliance with Bollywood star Salman Khan’s production company SK TV to produce content for television and digital platforms.

The companies did not give any further details about what kind of shows are planned for production, only saying that the partnership would produce “scripted and non-scripted content” across genres for the Indian and South East Asian markets.

As one of India’s most bankable stars, Khan has also been the long-running host of the Indian version of Big Brother, produced by Endemol India, which airs on Viacom18’s Colors channel.

“This country is home to various talented people who don’t get a fair chance to prove themselves, and we at SK TV not only aim to produce engaging content with our partners like Banijay Group, but also provide a fair platform to these young and budding individuals,” Khan said.

The recently launched Banijay Asia is the result of an equal partnership between Banijay Group and Deepak Dhar, the former head of Endemol India, who acts as the company’s founder and CEO. Internationally, Banijay is known for such shows as Versailles, Temptation Island, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Wife Swap and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, among others.

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