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Just hours before Cardi B released the track ‘Drip,’ Iggy Azalea teased a new song that appeared to have the same title. Will their similar tracks go head-to-head on the charts?!

Iggy Azalea is gearing up to release a new album, and she teased a possible track from the record on social media April 3. The rapper posted a video of herself lip-syncing along to the recording, which included the lyrics, ‘Get the f*** up off my drip b****.” She didn’t reveal the song’s title, but many are speculating that it could be called “Drip” or “Drip B****.” Interestingly, just hours later, Cardi B released a new song of her own which is called “Drip.” Could this lead to some major competition between the ladies?!

Considering commercially successful female rappers are, unfortunately, few and far between, many have tried to pit Cardi and Iggy against each other in the past. However, Iggy has made a point to rise above it and publicly praise Cardi on more than one opportunity. When the rising star’s song “Bodak Yellow” hit number one on the charts in August, Iggy took to Twitter to congratulate her. “Really wanted to come online and say congratulations to @iamcardib,” she wrote. “So awesome to see.” Iggy saw similar success with her single, “Fancy,” in 2014.

Then, in January, Cardi was praised by Billboard for having her first three chart entries enter the Top 10, which only Ashanti and The Beatles had previously done. Iggy was under the impression that she, too, had reached that success, and she posted the following tweet about it: “Not being a jerk but did Billboard forget the cover they gave me for breaking the same record? Congratulations a million times to her, I genuinely think she’s awesome and has great bops. I hope she smashes it out of the box and has her first four or even five in the top, I’m rooting for her. I just think it’s a little shady to see media outlets ignore that I set the same record with my first three entries.”

Despite the praise, many thought Iggy was throwing shade at Cardi, and pointed out that her first-charting single, “Work,” did not get in the top 10. So, she followed up with: “Cardi is such a light and I hope all her records have the same success as Bodak Yellow. I love seeing ladies smashing chart records out of the park and I’d never want to stomp on anyone’s shine. Work didn’t ender the top 100 until AFTER Fancy was a hit, no negativity at all intended.”

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