Mark Hamill once found a David Bowie review in a ‘Star Wars’ costume

Mark Hamill has revealed he once found a David Bowie review in a Star Wars costume.

The actor plays Luke Skywalker in the long-running franchise, first appearing in the original movie back in 1977.

The star regularly shares facts from the movies with his Twitter followers, revealing a connection between Bowie and the series in his latest one. Hamill said during filming of the original movie in 1976 he had to climb inside a Dewback lizard outside the Cantina. “There was a crowbar to lift its head & it was covered in newspaper paper-mache,” he wrote.

On the newspaper, he found a review of a David Bowie concert in Paris, which he “read by flashlight”. He concluded the post by calling it “odd, but true”.

One Twitter follower asked Hamill how the review said the show was to which he replied: “A rave review!” He also told another fan it was “the best” review he’d read.

Meanwhile, the world’s first David Bowie statue was vandalised just 35 hours after it was unveiled. It was covered in graffiti that said “feed the homeless first” and “RIP DB”.

Bowie fan Alex Laurent has now offered to pay £5,000 to a homeless charity if the vandal turns himself in. A press release states that “the sculpture is covered by CCTV 24 hours per day and a clear recording of the gentleman who committed the crime has been circulated”.

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