Niall Horan’s ‘On The Loose’ Looks Like An Expensive Car Commercial

Since breaking out on his own as a solo performer, Niall Horan‘s stuck to an easily identifiable music-video aesthetic: moodily gazing but sometimes smiling, and always playing guitar.

You wouldn’t expect a clip as high-concept as, say, Zayn’s Baby Driver-channeling “Dusk Till Dawn” or the culinary carnage of Harry Styles’s “Kiwi” from Niall. But that’s why his new video for the slick, upbeat “On the Loose” is so surprising.

Directed by Jake Jelicich from a “vision” from Niall himself, “On the Loose” finds the singer without a guitar but with a burning question — does this woman, who keeps spinning in denim and spilling her whiskey, really love me?

It’s a hazy unspooling of jealousy shot like a high-end car commercial, with a tasteful number of shots featuring Niall, yes, gazing moodily, but also offering steely looks behind sunglasses as he sits behind the wheel in the middle of the desert.

Niall’s upcoming world tour in support of his debut album, Flicker, kicks off March 10 and makes its way to North America in July. He’ll be playing guitar again then, guaranteed.

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