‘Lucifer’ Star Tom Ellis on Wanting to Go “Darker” in a Fourth Season

“To take a few more chances on the darkness of the show next year would be quite fun,” Ellis told THR.

Season three of Fox’s fantasy procedural Lucifer will soon be coming to a close, but while season four of the show is still up in the air, star Tom Ellis has some ideas for a “darker” new season.

The actor stopped by The Hollywood Reporter to explain what he’d like to see happen in the future. “I love the show when it comes a bit darker,” he said. “When the show explores the darkness of L.A. and L.A. nightlife, that coupled with the bright humor of the show, I think that’s when it really zings. So to take a few more chances on the darkness of show next year would be quite fun.”

Fans of the show know that while the subject matter can be a bit heavy, the hourlong procedural has its comedic moments. The show’s lighter side drew Ellis to the role, he says.

“The thing I really loved about it in the first place was it was funny and anyone that knows me know I love comedy, and I’ve worked a lot in comedy in the U.K. That’s something I felt like I didn’t want to step too far away from but if I could incorporate drama,” he said. “This job, Lucifer, came along and it was like, ‘Oh my gosh. I get to do all of it and sing a bit as well.’”

Ellis also revealed which famous guest star he’d love to have on the show: Tom Hanks. “I grew up loving Tom Hanks and I still love Tom Hanks, in a very healthy way,” he told THR. “What I love about his acting is that he seems like there’s an inner child in him and he seems to find the fun in most thing, and I think people who come on our show embrace that.” 

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