International Women’s Day: Forget Romance, Female Moviegoers Want Action

A Fandango survey found that a mere 2 percent of respondents prefer romantic-themed movies over action and other genres.

A majority of female moviegoers favor action over other genres, according to a survey by Fandango timed to International Women’s Day.

The survey of over 3,000 moviegoers discovered that 22 percent like action, followed by comedy (18 percent), sci-fi (13 percent) and dramas (12 percent). A mere 2 percent want to see romance on the big screen, although rom-coms fared slightly better as a genre (7 percent).

Also, 77 percent contend that female characters are often stereotyped in blockbusters, while 75 percent of respondents want to see more female ensembles. And more than 60 percent believe that women are not equally represented on the big screen.

The good news: Nearly 80 percent of those surveyed are hopeful that the Time’s Up movement will have a tangible impact.

Fandango’s Alicia Malone, author of the new book, Backwards & In Heels: The Past, Present and Future of Women Working in Film, will discuss the survey at an upcoming SXSW panel.

“Contrary to the age-old Hollywood belief, women are not just looking for romance at the cinema,” Malone said in a statement. “In fact, our survey shows that female moviegoers prefer action movies to romantic comedies as their genre of choice.”

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